October 27, 2023

Generations United by Healing Hands – Cigarroa Clinic welcomes new Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Fredo Rodriguez Sosa


Dr. Rodriguez Sosa returns to his roots, joining the clinic where his father has dedicated over three decades of service in the Imaging Department.

Nestled in the heart of the community, the Cigarroa Clinic has long been a pillar of healthcare excellence, serving generations with unwavering dedication. This year, the clinic welcomes a new chapter that intertwines family history with a commitment to healing. Fredo Rodriguez Sosa, M.D., board-certified in Internal Medicine, has returned to his roots to join the clinic where his father, Cesar Rodriguez, has dedicated over three decades of service as head of the Imaging Department.

Dr. Rodriguez Sosa’s journey to becoming a physician is not only a testament to his passion and dedication but also a heartwarming story of a son inspired by his father’s unwavering commitment to patient care. Having grown up witnessing his father’s tireless efforts within the very walls that now house his own practice, Dr. Rodriguez Sosa’s choice to pursue medicine was deeply influenced by these early experiences.

“Growing up, I saw how my father and Dr. Joaquin Cigarroa, Jr. (†) and Dr. Ricardo Cigarroa formed connections with patients, many of whom they cared for over decades,” said Dr. Rodriguez Sosa. “That kind of dedication left a lasting impression on me.”

“There was never a doubt in my mind where I would settle down to practice medicine,” said Dr. Rodriguez Sosa. “Laredo and the Cigarroa Clinic are my home and being able to work every day among people I respect and love, like my Dad, and Dr. Ricardo Cigarroa and Dr. Ricardo Cigarroa II, is not only surreal but a long-term dream of mine.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Rodriguez Sosa’s father, who currently serves as the clinic’s Director of Medical Imaging, Radiation Safety Officer, and Licensing/Accreditation Administrator, beams with pride as he watches his son carry on the torch of healthcare excellence.

“It’s a dream come true to have my son by my side, providing care to our community,” shared Cesar Rodriguez. “I’ve seen him work tirelessly to get here, and I know he’ll make a huge difference in our community.”

As one of the longest-tenured employees of the Cigarroa Clinic, Cesar has left an indelible mark on the institution that extends far beyond his years of service. Perhaps one his most notable contributions was his instrumental role in establishing the Imaging Division within the clinic. Recognizing the potential of advanced imaging technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery, he had the foresight to advocate for and acquire the first imaging machine for the clinic. While this decision might have seemed inconspicuous at the time, its impact was far-reaching and transformative. Patients who previously had to seek imaging services elsewhere now had access to state-of-the-art technology right within the clinic, streamlining their care journeys and reducing inconvenience.

His influence serves as a reminder that even seemingly small decisions can carry immeasurable significance, shaping the trajectory of an institution and the lives it touches. Now, Cesar’s deep understanding of the organizations mission of delivering innovation as a means to enhance patient outcomes and experiences continues with the addition of his son to the Cigarroa Clinic’s medical team.

“The Cigarroa Clinic has always been a place of compassion, where healing extends beyond medical treatment,” said Dr. Ricardo Cigarroa II, Interventional Cardiologist. “Having Dr. Rodriguez Sosa join us continues that legacy. His story is a powerful reminder of the impact a family’s commitment to healthcare can have on a community.”

Dr. Rodriguez Sosa’s return to the Cigarroa Clinic has ignited a renewed sense of purpose within its halls. His journey from a wide-eyed child to a skilled physician stands as a testament to the clinic’s enduring mission: to provide not only excellent interventional cardiology and internal medicine care but also a connection that transcends generations. His story shines as a beacon of hope—a reminder that the healing touch can be passed down through generations, uniting a community through shared values and a commitment to well-being.

About Fredo Rodriguez Sosa, M.D., Internal Medicine

Dr. Fredo Rodriguez Sosa, M.D., is board-certified in Internal Medicine. He is a proud graduate of St. Augustine High School and an honors graduate of Texas A&M International University. He earned his medical degree at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine, then completed his residency in Internal Medicine from the University of Incarnate Word, Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and Research at Laredo Medical Center.

Dr. Rodriguez Sosa is gladly accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call the Cigarroa Clinic at (956) 725-1228 or visit