Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to see a cardiologist?

A cardiologist can help determine the cause of a problem related to your heart and make an appropriate treatment plan.

What is a doppler?

This is a non-invasive ultrasound test which measures sound waves to check the amount of blood flow through your arteries and veins—usually in your arms, legs, and neck.

What is a CT scan?

This is another test that provides more detail than x-rays by using computer processing to create cross-sectioned images (slices) of bones, blood vessels, and tissues inside your body.

What is a PET scan?

Position emission tomography used to check muscle viability and diagnose disease processes using 3D pictures. PET scans are also used to diagnose cancer.

What is an EKG?

This is a test that records electrical activity within your heart and checks to see if the heart muscle is getting enough oxygen.

What is an ECHO or echocardiogram?

An ultrasound of the heart that checks the heart muscle and valves.

What is exercise thallium?

This shows how the blood flows through the heart at rest and during exercise.

What is an ultrasound?

A medical test that uses sound waves to capture live images from inside your body.