Our Cigarroa Family History

Family is important. The Cigarroa family has had a presence in the health care
community for the past 100 years.

When you step inside the Cigarroa Clinic, you are our main concern. You are treated as an individual, and become part of our extended family.

For a century, the health of the Laredo community has been entrusted in the hands of the Cigarroa family.

The legacy begins with Dr. Joaquin G. Cigarroa Sr.,
who followed his dream to set up his medical practice
in San Antonio, Texas, in 1920, and later re-locating to
Laredo in 1937, alongside his sons Dr. Joaquin G. Cigarroa Jr., and Dr. Leonides G. Cigarroa.

Since then, four generations of Cigarroas continue to
serve Laredo and surrounding areas, making their
own distinct mark, each passing on their expertise
and determination to make a genuine difference in
their beloved community.

Dr. Ricardo G. Cigarroa hails from the distinguished Cigarroa family, with deep roots in the medical profession. He is one of ten children born to Dr. Joaquin G. Cigarroa Jr. The Cigarroa legacy in medicine is profound; among his siblings, one serves as a dedicated nurse, while three have pursued careers as doctors. This includes his brother, Dr. Carlos Cigarroa, who is also a practicing physician in Laredo, TX.

Beyond his family’s esteemed background, Dr. Ricardo G. Cigarroa has carved out his own legacy in the medical field. He has contributed to numerous scholarly publications and has garnered significant media attention for his commendable efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. His work and insights have been spotlighted in renowned outlets such as Texas Monthly and The New York Times.

Today, the legacy continues with Dr. Ricardo Cigarroa II and his wife, Dr. Claire Cigarroa, practicing alongside him at Cigarroa Clinic, each bringing their unique expertise to the forefront. In addition to the clinic’s medical stalwarts, Dr. Cigarroa’s daughter, Alyssa Cigarroa, not only holds the esteemed position of a City councilwoman but also serves as a board member of Cigarroa Clinic. She is a fervent political activist and a major advocate for the arts, further enriching the community with her multifaceted contributions.

Our Values


At our facility, we truly value each patient and make a promise to treat every individual with the utmost respect. We understand that each person’s situation is unique and requires individualized care and attention. Rest assured that our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with empathetic and personalized care throughout your treatment.


The Cigarroa family takes great pride in our heritage. We hold the Cigarroa Clinic in high regard as it represents the unwavering commitment, compassion, and diligence of our ancestors who dedicated themselves to serving the community for over a hundred years.


We understand the importance of meeting the healthcare needs of our community. Regardless of your situation, we are dedicated to offering you exceptional healthcare services with the utmost care and consideration. Your wellbeing is our main concern, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible care.


Our goal at the Clinic is to provide excellent medical care to every patient. Our top priority is ensuring that every step of your clinical journey is of the utmost quality, so you can receive the best possible care in Laredo. We are here to support you every step of the way and strive to make your experience as comfortable and positive as possible.

Our role in the

At the Cigarroa Clinic, we understand how important it is to receive quality healthcare services. Our roots are deeply ingrained in South Texas, and we are honored to have served the people of Laredo and surrounding areas for many years. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to providing compassionate care to all who walk through our doors.

for all

Today, we continue to support education in our community by:

• Spearheading the building of the world-class Cigarroa Science Library within Laredo College, giving students access to the latest medical resources.

• Offering scholarships to high school students who excel academically and are interested in pursuing healthcare careers. Additionally, we provide tuition reimbursement for selected employees seeking higher education.

• Raising funds for the STARS Scholarship Fund in South Texas, which supports students who are striving for academic excellence.

• Providing annual educational lectures at rotary clubs and civic organizations.

Community at

Throughout our history, we have always believed in the principle of giving back to the community. Dr. Cigarroa Sr. was determined to establish his practice in the place he called home, and even after a century, we are still here.

As a family, we have gained the trust of the community. We never take this trust for granted and make sure to know our patients by name, speak their language, and see beyond their conditions to see the person within. We take pride in providing compassionate, accessible, and personalized healthcare based on each patient’s situation.

During the Clinic’s history, medicine has evolved significantly—and no more so than in the fields of interventional cardiology and internal medicine. But one thing has never faded—our relentless desire to impact, improve, and even save people’s lives within the community that we call home.